Jamie Oliver’s sweet and spicy beer chicken

I grew up in a vegetarian family where meat was prepared on special occasion or family get-togethers. My mother being a strict vegetarian made sure we had a healthy, wholesome diet consisting of vegetables, dals, rotis, rice , yogurt and salad and chutney.We were never bored as the food she prepared was always finger licking good. 🙂

However, at the end of each week we would be treated with exotic chicken or mutton curries for lunch.What amazes me is that never having eaten even an egg her life, my mom would dish out scrumptious chicken curries the taste of which I can never forget.

I do try to replicate her curries ever so often which have become quite famous among my friends.
I love my chicken curries, however I was tempted to try out roast chicken recipes.When I think of roasting something, be it veggies, meat or anything else, I instantly think of how Jamie Oliver could cook something.Jamie’s recipes are simple, rustic and have loads of flavor. This recipe has been adapted from Jamie Oliver as this one i couldn’t resist trying out.It is sweet, spicy and you can make it as much or less spicy as you prefer. Cooking this with beer takes the chicken to another level and the chicken stays moist and tender.

Sweet and Spicy Beer Chicken

Sweet and Spicy Beer Chicken

We were invited for a barbecue party on Easter, something Jeev gets super delighted about.So, he decided to get a whole chicken and make the sweet and spicy beer chicken. We went to the market on Saturday to buy a whole chicken, much to our dismay we found out that all the shops were closed due to Easter. Well, we did manage to find some thigh pieces from the supermarket and made our peace with that. No complaints as we had our special treat for the week. 🙂

The recipe can be found at Jamie’s website.
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Serve with roasted vegetables of your choice.

Bon Apetit!

PS: As we didn’t cook an entire chicken, we have sprinkled over some beer instead.