My all time favorite Food movies – Continued

A continuation from where we last left off….

5. Chocolat
How can you not love a movie with Johnny Depp in it. However, it is Juliet Binoche who steals the show in this one. The movie starts with Juliet and her daughter moving to a small French village at the beginning of lent to open a chocolate shop. What follows thereafter are stories of love, humor portrayed in a dramatic fashion. She uses chocolate to determine the character of a person and vice versa and how chocolate not only changes people but also their lives. Even the Comte of the village succumbs to the temptations of chocoate after numerous attempts to banish it in the village. The entry of Johnny Depp fills the plot with a romantic, sensual air to contrast with the dramatic elements.


4. Chef
This movie can fit under an umbrella of a comedy road trip movie revolving around food. Despite the presence of bigwigs like Dustan Hoffman, Scarlett Joahnson and Robert Downey Jr, the pair of Jon Favreau and Emjay Anthony totally overshadow in the entire movie. The movie will make you laugh and cry and it only proves one thing again that food has such a huge impact on us and strangely enough it has its share of contribution in making you what you are. The “Chef” inept at social networking creates a tug of war like situation which is actually quite hilarious. I found the tweet birds chirping in the air to be quite cute. Russell Peters, a surprise entry in the movie will without a doubt add to those chortles. 😀
“Shona, my mouth is watering”, said Jeev to me while we were watching the movie. I was having the same feelings and was lost in it. The movie has all the elements for a good entertainer, a good cast, foot tapping Cuban music, a bit of romance, a lot of laughs, some heart-touching moments between Jon and his son.
The transition from serving sophisticated food at a restaurant to dishing out gorgeous Cuban Sandwiches from a food truck and in the process finding happiness only goes to show that food without passion is lifeless.


3. Ratatouille
When I met one of my friend, who happens to be French, for the first time we inadvertently started talking about food! The first thing he asked me if I had seen Ratatouile. “Yes, of course”, I said!
Well, no words can do justice to this hilarious animated movie where a rat achieves his dream of becoming a chef. “It’s lightningly”! This is how Remy, the rat describes his first roasting experiment. The food created and presented in the movie looks too good to be in an animated form. 😉 Seeing the Little Chef cook by smell reminds me of my grandmother who would always add spices and salt just by her smell and the food always turned out to be delicious.
The passion for cooking and food is so inspiring and might I add a bit contagious as well. Remy is so adorable and the most important fact the movie preaches is that anyone can cook. To quote, “Not everyone can be an artist but an artist can come from anywhere”.
I can watch this movie any number of times too 🙂


2. Le Chef
This is the story of a 3 star chef Lagorde and an aspiring Chef Jacky who cannot cook anything other than haute cuisine. Not only does it successfully portrays Jacky’s maddening love for traditional French cuisine but also his eagerness to create a harmoniums marriage with molecular gastronomy. It is a great watch. The movie also highlights one of the main concerns for people in this industry, lack of family time.  The love,drama and the culinary journey will keep you entertained and leave you amused.

Le Chef

Le Chef

1. Julie and Julia
This is a movie I saw some years ago and I absolutely loved it. Firstly, it starred one of my most admired actors Meryl Streep. Secondly, the movie has triumphed in showing the love for food from two very different yet similar angles. Julia found herself through food and Julie found her passion for food complemented her love for writing. With their ups and downs, this one definitely strikes a chord in your heart with its funny, warm , charming screenplay.
One of my favorite scenes is the one where Julia Child cuts heaps of onions to prove herself to the other professional chefs in her class. She proves that determination, strength of character and a strong family support can take you a long way. Above all, this movie will resonate with all bloggers out there who love food to bits and find solace in cooking and sharing.
Most of all, this song is quite peppy and fun!

My brother told me about this Indian-French food movie coming up this week and I am so looking forward to this one!

Do you have any recommendations for me? I’d love to hear about them!

My all time favorite Food movies

Movies! It is quite convenient might I also add a bit heavier on the pocket to go to the movies these days. Back in the good old days while I was growing up, I would be quite excited to go to the movies. Now, my parents had entirely opposite views on movies.  My mom absolutely loved going to the movies and my dad on the other hand would eventually get his beauty sleep if he ever found himself in a talkies.

I don’t remember my first movie experience but i have heard the funny rendition by my mother. It was my parents first movie after I was born, circa 1986.  The three of us were watching this movie when suddenly a loud cry pierced the walls of the auditorium. All heads turned to us. Hmm. I have no recollection as to why I was crying uncontrollably and my parents had to leave within an hour of the movie. Maybe movies were not my cup of tea.

Not really, I started to enjoy movies as I was growing up and share a good laugh with my family and friends. We would rent the VHS cassettes and have a girls night in during our school holidays. It used to be so much fun. As I gained entry into college my taste developed further and I enjoyed watching movies from all over the world. I learnt to appreciate action movies at a time when I was going through a very tough time and they proved to be a much needed distraction. There are indeed such amazing and beautiful movies out there that I still need to explore.

Having said that, I have watched the most movies at a stretch over the last three years of my life. For no specific reason though. I went for a movie  once and just entered a lucky jackpot competition so as to not offend my friend. I never won anything before and I was so ecstatic when I won 12 movie tickets for 2! yay!  I used all of them pretty soon. 😀 I’m not a movie addict but I do enjoy a good movie now and then.

So when I saw the trailer of Chef I was waiting eagerly for its release. Lagging behind by 2 months!Uff!  As they say, “Good things come to those who wait” 😉 I’ve  watched it over the weekend and wanted to share my experience with you all. That thought has now transcended into this long post and I hope I haven’t bored you here.

Below I present to you some of my favorite food movies amongst others such as Eat Man Drink Woman, Like Water for Chocolate.

10. Marie Antoinette
Maybe this movie might not strike one as a movie based on food. However, for me this movie tries to portray the opulence that the French royalty lived in before the French Revolution. The movie showcases the grandeur of the food that was created in an artistic manner served at banquets to the French royalty. The pastries in the movie are decadently gorgeous and so inspiring in a way. I would love to have chic looking choux puffs and tartelletes as the centre piece for my dining table too! And who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by luscious looking exquisite cakes all day? 😉
The movie is definitely a lot about style, fashion and food. Kirsten Dunst is perfect and brings alive the wonderful, stunning colors. The movie is funny and quirky in its own way.

Can you imagine having macarons at the foot of your bed? See for yourself!


9. Today’s special
It is the story of a chef’s journey from working in French haute cuisine to mastering the art of Indian cooking. With a brilliant performance from Naseerudidn Shah as a cab driver and a gourmet cook, the movie showcases that the most necessary ingredient to cooking good food is to cook from the heart. As Mr Shah says, ” a recipe is like a raaga”. This is so true especially when it comes to Indian cooking, the medley of spices come along to create a harmonious symphony. The protagonist, a fine Sous Chef finds his calling in Indian food and in the process also realizes the importance of family. He cooks from heart and not his brain anymore and turns his dad’s failed restaurant to a huge success.
All in all, it’s a good movie.

todays special

8. No Reservations
This movie is based on a German movie Mostly Martha and there are striking resemblances between the too. Catherine Zeta Jones, a very ambitious and overly passionate chef lives a life solely revolving around food. The movie portrays a dramatic sequence about how a tragedy changes her life and ultimately has her falling in love. Taking her deceased sister’s child in her care, she evolves into a person who learns to live life with much more enthusiasm and sees there is more to life beyond food. Cooking food together brings them closer and becomes a source of happiness in their lives.

No Reservations

No Reservations

7. Charlie and Chocolate Factory
Based on the book by Roald Dahl, this is not a movie for kids alone. Johnny Depp never fails to mesmerize me. Furthermore, the kid is such a genuine, humble , big-hearted boy that you will undoubtedly  love him. The eccentricity of the chocolatier  Willy Wonka is superbly captured in the delicious chocolate factory with chocolate waterfall!  The author has so cleverly tried to induce moral values in children through this exotic world of chocolate and candy. Not a kid any more, but I can watch it again and again. 😉


6. Lunchbox
Quoting from the movie, “Kabhi kabhi galat train bhi sahi Jagah pahucha deti hai.” Literally translated it means that sometimes even the wrong train can take you to the right destination. For me this dialogue sums up the entire movie in just one sentence. But then that would not do justice to such an exemplary Hindi movie which showcases romance from an entirely different point of view.

The female lead played by Nirmat Kaur, is a young homemaker attempting to reignite romance in her married life and she chooses food to be the medium to do so. She prepares special “lunchbox” to be delivered to her husband at work by the famous Mumbai dabbawalas who are famed for their impeccable service. Meanwhile, fate has some other plans and the lunchbox is delivered to Irfan Pathan who is almost nearing his retirement age. Intrigued, both of them start corresponding via notes in the lunchbox and gradually love starts to blossom. I love that the makers of this movie have illustrated love in a humorous as well as philosophically entertaining way. Nimrat expresses her emotions through her food when she puts a lot of chilli because she gets angry upset and also sends an empty lunch box once to show her disappointment. It very well depicts the age old belief that a way to a mans heart is through his stomach.

The script leaves you wondering what could have happened next. Personally, I would have loved to see a different climax though. 🙂

To be Continued soon!

Hope you are having a wonderful week! 🙂